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The 18th NAOTA Conference    
June 9 - 12, 2019
Lisle, IL


The 18th NAOTA Conference was held June 9-12, 2019. Associate Professor Ami Kudo from our Headquarters in Tokyo led the workshop. Her excellent instruction earned her a standing ovation. As you may know she is a daughter of Late-Professor Kazuhiko Kudo. On the first day of the conference, Associate Professor Kudo gave a special demonstration at the Morton Arboretum.

Demo_Bunjin Demo_Rimpa with Prof. Kudo
Bunjin-cho with magnolia, broeliad, helconia and green lotus pods Rimpa -cho with three color peony, German Iris, hydrangera, maple and variegated hosta leaves
Demo_Moribana Demo_Landscape Demo_Basket Arrangement
Color scheme oribana with clethra, golden ninebark, boxwood, babtisia and dianthus Landscape oribana in the Realistic Method with clethra, gollden ninebark, boxwood, babtisia and dianthuus Basket arrangement with weigela, false Solomon's seal and smoked grass

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  Landscape moribana in Realistic Method with ninebark, boxwood, dianthus, bletilla striata   HanaIso - Radial Style with crasspedia, calla lily, dracena, orchid-vanda, scabiosa and dianthus
Demo_Persian Demo_Free style
  Free Style arrangement with pitcher plant, peony and maranta leaf in Persian pitcher     Free Style arrangement with almond branches, amaranthus bromeliad flower and continus  
Chicago Chapter and Board members
Chicago Chapter members and NAOTA Board members
Mon-A-AM Mon-B-PM
Free Expression by one of participant with allium, monstera and curly willow
Bunjin-cho arrangement, morning A group Bunjin-cho arrangement, afternoon B group Professor Kudo's Hanakade workshop
Mon-A-AM Mon-B-AM Tue-A-PM
Rimpa-cho arrangement, afternoon A group Rimpa-cho arrangement, afternoon B group Hanamai arrangement
Wed-A-AM Wed-A-PM Tue-A-AM
Hosun arrangement Landscape, Realistic Method Critic Hanakanade arrangement
Reception Hosting chapter and Prof. Kudo  
Prof. Kudo with ladies from the Southeastern Chapter, Anika Wu and Grace Shown above (left to right) are E-Ling Lou, Sarah, Prof. Ami Kudo, Ingrid Ruders, Anika Wu and Grace Sekimitsu  



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