What is NAOTA and Who we are

The North American Ohara Teachers Association (NAOTA) was founded in January 2002 in order to promote the Ohara School of Ikebana.

We share ideas, techniques, and related information on Ikebana and Japanese art. We host a conference annually that is given by either Ohara professors visiting from Japan or the Grand Masters of NAOTA.

Contact Us

If you have inquiries, please contact us at info@ikebana-naota.com


PresidentRussell Bowers
Vice President (East Coast)Alice Buch
Vice President (West Coast)Jackie Zhang
SecretarySusan Hirate
TreasurerBeth Bowers-Klaine
Past PresidentGrace Sekimitsu


MembershipSaskia Eller
NewsletterCarol Legros
Website Hideko Toyokawa-Ngo

Grand Masters

  • Akiko Bourland
  • Kayoko Fujimoto
  • Ingrid Luders
  • Hisako Shofu Shohara
  • Edith Tanaka
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