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    If you’d like to find a teacher of Ohara School of Ikebana in your area, please click the state which you reside in. State City Name Arizona Green Valley Hyde, JoAnn R. Mesa Daggs, Louise British Columbia, Canada Victoria Roberts, Lorian Victoria Venditti, Rosa Delaware Middletown Hansen, Judith California Arcadia Kikkawa, Yumiko Arcadia Lai, Wendy […]

  • The 4th Conference- October 17 -21, 2005 – Philadelphia, PA

    The Delaware Valley Chapter of Ohara Ikebana hosted its 4th NAOTA Conferenceat the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel in Philadelpia from October 17th to the 21st.There were 3 days of workshops and demonstrations with Grand Masters,Mutsuo Tomita, Ingrid Luders, Akiko Bourland, Reiko Kawamura and Shofu Shohara.The arrangements were Landscape, New Years Heika, Rimpa, Bunjin,Radial Form, and […]

  • The 1st Conference – Honolulu, HI –

    The 1st Conference – Honolulu, HI –

    The 16th NAOTA Conference was held from October 9 through October 13, 2017. Professor Akihiro Nishi lead the 3 day workshop and gave a stanning demonstration of the final day of the conference. Professor Akihiro Nishi has visited Houston accompanied with Professor Koji Kanamori for the “Living Sculpture” which is Japanese-American Floral Design Duet program […]

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